How to Effectively Avoid Break-ins

Based on the fact that a burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States, you can bet on their being a burglary taking place now. It is frightening to think that your home could be one of the dozen currently being broken into right now. The best method for avoiding a break-in is to make your property unappealing to a would-be-robber. We don’t mean that you should have an unkept home or property. You should simply make it look challenging to break into. A thief is looking for the fastest route in and out without being detected. If they see that you take you security seriously by having a security system installed, they will likely go on to the next properly.

When you take your responsibility to secure your home seriously, you can avoid the possibility of someone breaking into your home. At Locksmith Miramar in Miramar, FL, we offer you some practical suggestions on how to avoid a break-in. Take these suggestions seriously and enhance your level of security.

  1. Visible Door and Window Locks
    Most intruders climb through windows and come in through doors where they have broken the lock. If you’re looking for a good way to avoid an intrusion, invest in sturdy door and window locks. Make it as difficult as possible for them to gain access and avoid a break-in. By making it difficult and time consuming for a possible intruder to break-in, you are discouraging them from doing so. There are certainly some lock brands that are more effective than others and we are able to let you know which ones these are.
  2. Securing All Doors
    This means even securing your garage doors. In some cases, the garage door leads you right into the house. If someone is able to gain access into your garage, they can also gain access into your home if the garage door leading to your house isn’t secured. Remember to always lock your home door behind you and have a good, sturdy lock installed. It is a good idea to always keep the lock leading from your garage into your home, locked, even when you are at home.
    Keep your screen doors locked at all times. Some people assume that since they are home, they don’t need to lock their doors. This is not true. You can’t always monitor every door in your home. People have been known to innocently walk to your home acting as though they are looking for someone whom they know doesn’t live there, simply to get into your home. They could simply be attempting to canvas the neighborhood and see what type of things you have in your home. They are then able to figure out whether or not your home is worth attempting to break into. We suggest having deadbolt locks installed on every door, where possible. They are the sturdiest and most difficult to break.
  3. Security Checks
    You can rely on a locksmith service to assist you with your security checks. Since we install all sorts of security systems, we’ll be able to let you know if what you have in place is a good fit for your home or business. Along with their ability to perform a security check to ensure you have what you need to avoid a break-in, they can also advise you of some inexpensive and practical ways to protect yourself based on their findings. They will perform a thorough inspection of the exterior and interior security of your home and business to determine what level of security you require to avoid a break-in.
  4. Security Cameras
    Long gone are the days of your only seeing surveillance cameras in businesses. Homeowners are seeing the value in being able to monitor their home while away. A thief doesn’t want to be found out about and having video footage of them could end their attempts to break-in to any more homes. You can invest in a basic surveillance system of you could purchase a more high-tech system that makes it possible to monitor your home from wherever you are.
  5. Alarm System
    Even when your alarm is not turned on or activated, having the signage in your yard or on your door can be a deterrent for an intruder. We know this doesn’t make sense but again you want to make your home unappealing to intruders and certainly appearing as though you have an alarm can do the trick. You can also have a simple alarm installed, which alerts you when your door or window has been opened. If you want a more advanced system, there are also systems that can monitor the activity in and around your property when you are not there. You usually have to pay extra for this type of monitoring service but if you have had break-ins before we are sure you see the benefit of having this type of system in place.
  6. Outside Lights
    Shine a light on the problem. If someone is trying to break-into your home, they are less likely to try to do so when there is a light shining directly on them. Placing lights in the key areas around your home is important since it is what will make the intruder run off. They do not want to be detected and surely an illuminated light will surely mean that they can be seen by anyone from the street. We usually install these lights so that they are facing every entryway into your home, including windows and cellar doors.

It doesn’t really matter what type of security you invest in as long as you have it. Having something to deter a break-in is easy, as you can see from the above. However, it is no good to you if you do not act to make sure you can avoid an intrusion from occurring. The suggestions are rather simple and inexpensive and can be implemented in one weekend. So, do your part in making sure you can avoid a break-in by following some of the above suggestions offered to you.