Lockouts – how to prevent them!

Are you a careful person? Even if you are, you can still be a lockout victim! Lockouts happen; they occur not only here in Miramar, FL but everywhere! All it takes is one moment of inattention and BAM; the door closes and locks behind you! Lockouts can happen at home, with your car, at work or even at you place of business. While you can’t always prevent them from occurring, Locksmith Miramar offers you these easy steps to cut down on the rate of lockout incidences in your life. Just keep reading and you’ll see!

Why You Should Listen to Us!

Miramar, FL is home to many locksmith shops and one of the best (hey; we are biased!) is ours! Locksmith Miramar is family run and fully licensed. We offer a vast range of locksmith services for your home, business and automotive needs. Like all good shops we also provide responsive 24-hour emergency help. Can you guess what the #1 locksmith emergency happens to be? You guessed it; lockout help! Our friendly and experienced locksmith experts have helped locals with all kinds of lockouts; nothing surprises us anymore! We come to you in fully stocked mobile service vehicles anytime you need us.

Home Lockouts

Lockouts at home happen frequently as more and more people are getting accustomed to locking their doors both night and during the day. This is actually a good practice to start cultivating, but it has one drawback; accidental lockouts. It’s so easy to run out to get the mail and find yourself locked out. Not only is this inconvenient and somewhat embarrassing but it could lead to bigger problems. What if a pot of food was simmering on the stove and no one else was at home? What if you have a toddler alone inside and no one to let you back through the door?

Auto Lockouts

Imagine it; you park the car and turn off the engine. You run inside the pizza parlor to pick up dinner for your family. The melting cheese and the pepperoni and mushroom toppings smell SO good! You have a smile on your face as you pay for your pizza and make your way back to the car when you notice; they keys are dangling in the ignition! Frantically you try the door and sure enough; it’s locked! In our little example, this takes place during business hours, but what if it happens after hours or in a poorly lit or unsafe neighborhood? Auto lockouts can also involve a child or pet still inside the car so it’s best to have a responsive solution to this problem.

Commercial Lockouts

Lockouts happen anywhere there are people and locks. Yes, that includes business locations, too. From retail stores to medical clinics, people can accidentally lock themselves out of the premises and need fast access in a hurry. Whether a clerk went out back for a quick smoke break, and the propped door accidentally closed, or a manager lost his keys and really needs to open for business, the end result is the same; lockout time! Since businesses take many forms and all of them involve some kind of locking items including doors, file cabinets, windows, desks and even walk-in freezers, it just makes sense to have quick access to 24-hour emergency locksmith assistance.

So What’s The Answer?

The best overall answer for combatting lockouts is to be ready for them. They are going to happen anyway but by following these simple and very easy tips you can alleviate much of the anxiety and danger that accompanies them.

Stay Calm

That’s right; keep your cool! Getting locked out is always stressful but often, that stress only makes things worse. In your panic, you might think that breaking back in is what you need to do. Wrong! You can incur property damage, bodily injury and even police arrest if something goes wrong. Some people have even been shot by their own roommates or family members because they weren’t recognized during their break-in. Don’t risk that. Call for help and then call a friend. Doing this calms your nerves while you wait for assistance and also gives you a potential witness in case of problems stemming from being alone and in trouble.

Spare Keys

It never hurts to have a spare key, but be smart and do NOT put it somewhere obvious! Under the door mat or in the flower pot are the first places a crook will look for that key and you can quickly complicate things when you are dealing with a burglar as well as replacing your key! Some spare key destinations include a trusted neighbor, a friend or relative that lives in town, your glove compartment, your purse or even in your smart phone case.

Put Things In The Same Place!

Stop groaning and listen! Being more organized is a good thing. It helps you find things faster and you develop over time a feeling of “something is missing or not right.” If you always take out your keys from the ignition when you park the car, your brain will alert you the next time you don’t do that and lessen the instances where you accidentally leave them dangling while you run inside to pick up that great smelling pizza!

Smart Phone Contacts List

This one is vital! Be sure to add Locksmith Miramar to your smart phone address book. If not us, add another local locksmith shop that is also licensed, bonded and insured. Choose a lock and key company that is affordable, available 24/7 and that responds fast. Phone booths and yellow pages are long gone and won’t be coming back anytime but everyone from grade school children to senior citizens have a cell phone on them at all times. Some even sleep with one under the pillow! Why not make use of this marvelous technology and ensure that Locksmith Miramar is conveniently logged into yours? If you find yourself locked out or needing any kind of lock and key assistance, all it takes is one simple “tap to call” and one of our helpful Miramar, FL lock professionals is one the way!