Locksmith Miramar: What To Do, Ignition Cylinder Problems

Everyone wants to be able to trust that their cars aren’t going to fail in the course of their day. A malfunctioning ignition could cause you a lot of issues, from getting a key jammed in the cylinder to more serious problems related to operating your vehicle.

That’s why we’re going to focus on how to take care of any ignition matters that may arise. Keep reading as our experts chime in with their recommendations.

Keep an eye on these common issues

When trying to identify the best course of action, you should consider the different ignition cylinder problems that you might come face to face with:

Your key keeps getting stuck inside 

This is a very common complaint for car owners all over the world. Wear and tear are the main reasons for a key becoming more difficult to insert or remove. Sometimes, it may be the car key that is in need of replacement, but more frequently the ignition cylinder is the one to blame. The stress endured by an ignition cylinder over time will cause its insides to become less malleable – eventually, it will start binding your key in place, ultimately rendering you unable to fit it into the keyhole altogether. 

Sometimes, your key may get lodged into the cylinder simply because the wheel is still in lock position. See if moving your steering wheel side to side releases the key – if not, you might need to call an auto locksmith to extract it for you.

Otherwise, check your ignition and your key for signs of wear or damage and get whichever component is the cause of your issues replaced immediately.

The engine fails while you’re driving

A worn out ignition switch can be the reason for engine failure. Corrosion inside the cylinder can cause low contact or loss of voltage. That in turn can lead to the engine misfiring, stumbling or cutting out completely. If this starts happening to you, get in touch with a locksmith right away – they’ll be able to provide you with the right fixes.

It’s also worthy to note that, while you can’t prevent your ignition’s wearing process, there are some ways to slow down its progression. Avoid putting a lot of stress on the cylinder: for instance, don’t keep your keys on bulky keyrings that will weigh everything down.

You’re having difficulties powering on your vehicle

This is quite common when your ignition cylinder is damaged. Once again, wearing and age will be to blame: your key won’t be able to respond to certain positions, and you’ll eventually lose the ability to power it on altogether. But once again, don’t discount the possibility of other problems – if you have a transponder system, for example, it could be that your car key needs to be reprogrammed to transmit the right signals. It is best to ask the advice of your auto locksmith on this one, as they’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s causing your glitches.

The car won’t start, period

This can signal various issues, like a faulty sensor, a dying battery, or malfunctioning ignition. Again, an inspection is the best way to find out where the problem lies – if it is the ignition cylinder that’s rendering you unable to power on a vehicle, it will need to get replaced.

You can hear the engine running but the car won’t budge

A glitch in your car’s anti-theft protection system is more likely to cause this, but a faulty ignition can do it too. If your ignition is turned, the engine is cranking, and you can see a light flashing on your theft protection device, your key needs to be reprogrammed. Keep in mind that a fuel facing system can lead to similar issues – the diagnosis will be tricky to do without proper knowledge or training, so you’ll need to find a locksmith to look into your issues.

You might have noticed a common theme along our recommendations. This brings us nicely into our final point.

Hiring a locksmith to take care of your ignition cylinder problems

A reliable lock and key expert in your area will bring you full peace of mind over all kinds of automotive issues. They will have all the tools and equipment to repair or replace any faulty components, and will do this much more affordably than your local dealership. 

Just remember, not all locksmiths specialize in automotive services. It’s always good to inquire with a couple of locally-based businesses to find out if they provide the solutions you are looking for. We recommend that you ask around to find some credible professionals – word of mouth is still the best way to identify whether a locksmith is trustworthy. Otherwise, check online reviews, look through your Better Business Bureau for any filed complaints, and ask the locksmith to provide you with a list of client references. Also request details about license and insurance, and get a full price quote for all services (including minimum callout charges and after-hours rates). 

A few things to be wary about. Don’t hire any business you can’t trace a physical address to, has no contact details listed, or refuses to give a full company name upon request (you should ask this of people who answer the phone using a generic sentence). Partial deposits are a standard request, but upfront payments are not legitimate procedures. Also be on guard if a locksmith requests cash payments and changes their price quotes on arrival. 

Locksmith Miramar is always available to help car owners in Miramar, FL. Our licensed and insured professionals know the ins and outs of all things automotive, including ignition cylinder repairs or replacements. You’re welcome to call us to schedule a free consultation, or talk to us over the phone to find out more about our solutions. 

No matter where you live, researching a few auto locksmith companies in your area will ensure your ignition problems are addressed accordingly. Make sure to look out for the most common signs of damage, and ask a licensed specialist to look into things as soon as you experience an issue.