Locksmith Miramar: When to Replace Locks

Is it time to change my locks? How can you tell?

Locksmiths are asked these types of questions on a regular basis. Lock replacements shouldn’t be something that greatly mystifies property owners. In fact, there are some signs to look out for that will give you all the right answers to all questions about a lock’s condition. You should be maintaining the locks installed in your residence or commercial building on a regular basis anyway – this is merely part of the process.

Even if you never experience an issue with your locks, it is recommended that you change these every few years. That way, you’ll prevent security hindrances caused by wear and tear, as well as keeping your property’s protection up to date with the latest security developments.

On that note, here are some of the different situations where a lock replacement is highly recommended.

When you move into a new house

We always recommend rekeying the locks as soon as you move into your new home. You don’t know how many keys were made during the previous tenancy: the landlord may have a copy, as well as their former renters, neighbors, the former owner’s immediate family and trusted friends... the list can get quite extensive along the years. Stay on the safe side, and rekey every single one of the locks on your brand new residence – that way, you will know exactly how many keys are out there. 

If you’re getting a new roommate

These days, it’s quite common for homeowners to sublet a room in a residential property. ut that calls for special precautions. Always change the locks in your residence when you change tenants, even if you parted ways amicably with the previous renter, to reduce any suspicion if your house gets broken into. Which actually brings us to the next point.

After your property has been broken into

Don’t delay in replacing your locks if you have experienced a break-in: your locks will likely have been compromised and damaged in the process. You don’t want to leave your home vulnerable to repeat offenders or a second attempt at forced entry, or even lock malfunctions as a result of the damage at hand. For your safety, assume that your keys fell into the wrong hands and replace all locks in your property’s external doors.   

As soon as your keys start getting jammed into the lock

That tends to be the best sign of worn out components. Your locks gradually wear out over stress as they age, becoming more difficult to open using your key but easier to break as well. Aged and damaged locks tend to malfunction quite easily, leading to unnecessary lockout situations. It’s not just a sticky key that will indicate signs of wear and tear: if you can see visible signs of rust and tarnishing, it’s time for a lock replacement. 

When relationships (not just the romantic kind) go sour

Whether you’ve broken up with your partner, you’ve fallen out with a family member, or you have just evicted a problem tenant, your safest best is to get your locks replaced as soon as possible. As much as we don’t want to think that people won’t break into our homes, you never know what goes on in their minds. Use the same reasoning as the change in tenancy: the sooner you change your locks, the less likely you’ll need to be suspicious of people you know if anything goes amiss.

If a key has been lost or stolen

Figure out which keys are missing and replace them accordingly. If you lost multiple keys, replace the locks according to priority: external door locks should always be replaced immediately, everything else should follow soon after.

On a similar vein: if your kids have a copy of the house keys, you should be changing the locks with more frequency. Children may lose their key on their way home from school, or they could even give it to a friend for safekeeping and forget to get these back.

Constantly losing your keys? It might be worth talking to a locksmith about the different keyless options around. With this type of entry system, you have a backup key for emergencies and a special code to use on a regular basis.    

After you’ve come back from holiday

Did you leave a spare key with a neighbor while you went on vacation? Even if you trust them, and they have given the key back to you, it’s recommended that you replace the locks on your entrance doors. Just in case they made another copy for someone else you don’t know – even if it sounds highly unlikely, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

How do I replace the locks at my property?

Time to replace your locks? Find a lock and key professional in your area. Locksmiths have all the equipment and know-how to do the job without a hitch, and they will do so for very reasonable prices. You shouldn’t be spending several thousand dollars on a locksmith solution, but it is still a good idea to keep an emergency fund in case your locks malfunction or your security is impaired.

A few pointers to help you identify the right professional for the job. Always check if the people you know (friends, family, neighbors, even co-workers) can give you a few recommendations. Aim for 2-3 company names in your area, and do a bit of background checking. Always call the businesses you have selected, ask them about their key replacement services (and any other service you may be looking for), and get all the essential information about their credibility: licensed and insurance information as well as local client references. Check each detail closely, read up on online reviews, and look at whether any complaints have been filed against the business on the Better Business Bureau.   

Always hire a local locksmith, get a full price quote for all services, and make sure to inquire about their charges for after-hours services (these tend to cost a little extra). Locksmith Miramar’s licensed and insured professionals are always available for property owners in Miramar, FL, and there are plenty of credible businesses across all areas. The checks and inquiries are there to ensure you are hiring a professional who will give you great value, whether you need to replace your locks or upgrade your security.